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Our modern Scandi interior decor and everyday items assortment is chosen with care to have minimal impact on nature and have lasting value. At the same is aesthetically pleasing with the hope of bringing joy and beauty into your everyday life.

NEW IN: Woody

Handmade Oak wood Tables

Handmade Ceramic Vases

Representing Scandi minimalism and the fine craftsmanship.

"Your range is amazing - we bought a waffle towel/blanket and the reusable make up removing pads and the body brush at the Arcadia Christmas Fair - absolutely love them!"
Laura Ali
"Hello hello! This is Sidra - I just received my parcel a little while ago and just wanted to drop in and let you know I absolutely love everything!! The colours, the quality - it's all on point!
Especially loved the handwritten note. Such a wonderful personalized touch!"
Sidra Sajid
Thank you for the brush. I am using it for my dry brushing. I brush my legs and hands and all body before bathing upwards it helps reduce cellulite and improves blood circulation. It is amazing."

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kitchen counter lighting

Kitchen pendant lights

We love to see how you incorporate Nordic Edition products into your homes! 
Here is an inviting newly renovated kitchen, designed by Hammer & Feather, in The Views, featuring our Ceramic Pendants in Olive shade.
Find the pendants HERE.
pendant light shade green
kitchen renovation before after
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Why choose wooden decor and furniture for your home?

Besides wood being an eco-friendly material - it is renewable, biodegradable and can be reused - it also has a positive effect on your physical and mental health.

Over the last 10 years, timber products’ effect on our minds and bodies has become a major field of research. This means there is a great amount of studies offering scientifically measured results that support this idea: wood exposure is great for your health. “The studies examining the effects of wooden rooms and furnishings clearly demonstrate that the presence of wood has benefits that mimic the effect of spending time outside in nature,” Planet Ark said.

“The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people has the effect of lowering blood pressure and heart rates, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing positive social interactions. Wood products within a room have also been shown to improve indoor air quality by moderating humidity. Wood is healthy, neutral and emits zero electrostatic charge."

Wood also prevents echoes from bouncing around the room by absorbing sound waves. Wood is effective at sound insulation. Many concert halls around the world use wood since it naturally dampens sound, creating the perfect tone within the room. 

Although wood decor may be more expensive, it is well worth the extra expense. Wood furniture is durable, will last for many years and can easily be given a new desirable finish by sanding, polishing, painting, color washing etc. You are adding a high-quality timeless item to your house when you buy wooden!

Find our selection of wooden home accessories and decor HERE!

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What's Scandi style?

Scandinavian style is one of the most loved and well-known styles around the world thanks to the design principle of simplicity. It’s clean, crisp, inviting, calming yet with plenty of interest.

Scandinavian style design products are largely Danish handcraft. Inspired by the nature and Nordic climate, these design items are beautiful in their simplicity and clean lines, and made of high quality sustainable materials. A majority of the designs favor natural materials, especially pale woods like ash and beech, wool and linen textiles, leather, and glass.

Scandinavian design's primary purpose is to improve daily life, so everything from cooking utensils to lighting is purposefully designed without sacrificing the aesthetics. The main elements of Scandinavian design are functionality, simplicity, and craftsmanship. 

Rather than constantly buying new and more, Scandi living is about buying quality that lasts, living with less but better, and being free of clutter. Not minimalism per se, but a desire for harmony in your living space and complementing your environment. 

Where to begin with?

Start with the colors of the room. The colors are neutral - white, beige and generally muted hues in their different shades. A neutral color scheme is simple yet sophisticated and choosing lighter versions of wall color gives lightness. Neutral and light backdrop makes it possible for furniture pieces to function as accents, providing interest and contrast. Use pattern and color sparingly - in rugs and accents, for example.

When the color tone is in place, it becomes more complex - the interior design. As with most interior designs, Sacandinavian style also relies on contrast. And while many people think of colors at the opposite ends of the color wheel when they hear contrast, in this case, contrast can apply to a wide range of design elements. Instead of contrasting colors, contrast shapes, sizes, light and dark neutrals, old and new pieces, abstract and natural, straight and wavy, neutral and flashes of color, hard and soft, utility and coziness.

Add hyggeThe coolness of white and clean lines are softened by warmer textures and colors, and another important part: hygge. Hygge is a Danish word that roughly translates to cozy togetherness.

Add things that remind you of warmth and comfort, such as candles, soft throw blankets, and slippers. It's very much about relaxing and being at ease, so don’t be afraid to keep throw blankets unfolded, covers rumpled, and loved items in clear view. While planning your rooms, try to create an oases of comfort, such as cozy chair for reading and drinking tea.

Shop the teacup and tray from our Kitchen & Dining collection.


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