5 interiors trends in 2023

earthy muted bedroom

Here's a bitesized interior trends prediction for 2023.

Eco-conscious home

Homes that feel in harmony with nature while still being upscale and chic. Nature has a calming effect and Earth tones are unlikely to look outdated any time soon.

Think sustainable design and renewable materials, like wood, bamboo, organic cotton, linen and cork.


Holistic design

Design that considers home owners mind and body. How the design makes them feel and how can it make them happier, healthier and more productive.

Think for example how colours are affecting the mood and lighting productivity. 


Multi-purpose interiors

Rooms that serve multiple functions. Pandemic taught us to adapt and multi-purpose rooms were born from necessity, this trend carries on as we can use our space more efficiently and make more use out of previously underused areas. 

Think outside the room's assigned function, like guest room that serves as a home office.



Neutral colours will always hold a firm place in interior design as they remind us to rest and reset, while removing visual noise. 2023 neutrals are gravitating from grey to warm beige and light taupe.

Muted desaturated tones of blue, green, sand and terracotta also act as neutrals and deliver spaces that remain easy on the eye.


Vibrant colour

Rich warm hues are also making their presence, be it in smaller accents or fully immersed from floor to ceiling in cheerful Benjamin Moore's shade for 2023 - "Raspberry Blush" or Pantone's bold pink "Viva Magenta".

Warm rich Earthy tones, but also muted blues and greens are welcomed back. Accent walls are going to be in a whole new light!.


One thing is sure, shades of grey are no longer on trend in 2023!