Lind DNA

Lind DNA designs, creates and produces tabletop products and furniture that takes you on a lifelong journey.


Lind DNA was founded in 2013 with a mission to promote sustainable Danish design. They design and produce locally in Denmark and create products, often with multiple feaures, in a classic, basic design. The products have great usability and long service life – whether it's for the home, in the office, the hotel or for a restaurant concept.

A design signature of Lind DNA is their OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather. Made from excess vegetable-tanned core leather from the fashion and furniture industry. The leather is granulated into small pieces, which are pressed together with natural rubber from trees. The result is a recycled leather quality, consisting of 80% core leather and 20% natural rubber – which is then stained with a water-based colour and added to a beautiful natural surface texture. The quality is incredibly durable, water-resistant and easy to clean.

You are guaranteed to receive high-quality products made of well-chosen materials that allow you to create an exclusive base for your décor in every room.

Recycled leather
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