Kids Table Mat Bear, Anthracite

Dhs. 82.00 Dhs. 110.00

Lind DNA Kids Table Mat is the fun, yet stylish and practical table mat for kids. Shaped as a bear, it will certainly awaken the attention and joy of the little ones!

Made from OEKO-TEX® recycled leather, the Nupo finishing has exclusive, suede-like surface, with a soft structure.

  • Recycled leather - 80% core leather and 20% natural rubber
  • Dyed with water-based colour
  • Made in Denmark

    Dimensions: 38 x 30cm

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    Like most natural materials, the recycled leather needs some care and maintenance to ensure its long-lasting appeal year after year. 
    A few simple tips will help preserve the recycled leather’s natural beauty. 
    1 Clean your product with a damp cloth and leather cleaner.
    2 Do not put your products in the dishwasher and do not soak your products in water or soap. 
    3 Avoid staining from certain foods and liquids such as spices (e.g. paprika, saffron or curry), chili and red wine, as they may leave permanent stains, especially on lighter colours.  
    4 Avoid placing hot items such as pots and frying pans on your products. 
    5 Do not fold your products in recycled leather. 
    6 We recommend that you always place your products on dry and plain surfaces. Be careful with oil-treated tables as excess oil might be absorbed by your recycled leather product. 
    7 Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for longer periods of time.

    Lind DNA was founded in 2013 with a mission to promote sustainable Danish design. They design and produce locally in Denmark. A design signature of Lind DNA is their OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather. Made from excess vegetable-tanned core leather from the fashion and furniture industry.