Pastry Brush

Dhs. 33.00 Dhs. 45.00

Your simple and practical helper in the kitchen. Pastry brush is essential tool for applying a very thin but thorough and even coat of egg wash, cream, hot fruit glaze, melted butter or even water to your pastry or dough. 

Part of a series with the Dough Scraper. Combine the Pastry Brush and Dough Scraper for a thoughtful gift set for a baking enthusiast.

  • Handmade
  • Oil treated birch wood and horse hair
  • Made in Sweden

Dimensions: 15 x 6,5 x 0,8cm

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Irish Hantverk is a small brush manufacturing company that started in Stockholm, Sweden in 1870. Every brush is hand made by visually impaired craftsmen, following old Swedish brush binding traditions and using mostly natural materials.