Laundry Balls Red Cedarwood, 15pcs

Dhs. 26.00

Scent of Cedarwood refreshes your closet and dressing room.

Placing red cedar in the closet is an old housemaid's cleaning tip – cedar works as a natural pest repellent for moths and helps to absorb moisture, but also serves as an air freshener for wardrobes and drawers.

The balls can be spread out in the closet, but be sure not to put them directly on your clothes as the wood may leave grease stains

  • Red Cedarwood
  • 15pcs
  • Made in Sweden

Dimensions: Diameter 1,5cm

When the scent wears off you can sand lightly with fine sandpaper to refresh.

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Irish Hantverk is a small brush manufacturing company that started in Stockholm, Sweden in 1870. Every brush is hand made by visually impaired craftsmen, following old Swedish brush binding traditions and using mostly natural materials.